What’s That Smell?

By W.B. Arthur
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Your home should be a place of comfort and rest for you and all of its residents. So it’s frustrating when you walk through the door and are met with an odd or musty smell. What’s worse is that a lot of the time these smells signal something worse like mold or bacterial growth or dust collection. To eliminate this smell, you must first know where it is coming from and what’s causing it.

If you’ve ever wondered “what’s that smell?”, then this blog post should be a helpful guide for you to use in the future.


While your HVAC is responsible for circulating air through your home, it can also be a nesting place for mold, mildew and bacterial growth. This means that all of that air being pushed out through vents is contaminated and could be contributing to the musty smell in your house.

Air Ducts

Similar to your HVAC, your air ducts could be contributing to the musty smell in your home. Since your air ducts act as channels for the air your HVAC is circulating, there could be dirt buildup or mold growth in your air ducts or the air vents.

It’s important to keep both of these areas clean to prevent mold growth and to keep dirt, dust, and allergens from circulating throughout your home.


Carpets make a great addition to any room, but they also act as dirt traps. This is especially true for fluffier carpets. To prevent this from becoming a regular issue try not to walk on your carpets with shoes, and try keeping dirty shoes out of your home altogether.

Another major issue that carpets face is mold and mildew. If you have recently dealt with flooding in your home and you didn’t get it taken care of professionally, then you could have a big problem on your hands. When flooding occurs, carpets tend to act as sponges, absorbing a lot of the water, if this isn’t taken care of within 24 hours, mold begins to grow.

It’s imperative that you call a professional water damage restoration company in the event of a flood to prevent the growth of mold and therefore the musty smell that comes with it.

If you notice musty smells that you think could be the result of water damage or you see your carpets looking worse for wear, give the professionals at W.B. Arthur a call. We offer free estimates and provide emergency services 24/7.

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