Health Risks That Come From Delaying Water Damage Clean-Up

By W.B. Arthur
Water Leakage

Water damage is one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares, whether the source of the damage is from a recent storm or a burst pipe there’s nothing quite like the panic you feel when you see a pool of water inside of your home. There are so many different factors that could lead to water damage, and the different factors can lead to various degrees of damage and contamination.

Clean Water Damage

This is the least worrisome type of water damage. Clean water damage is caused by leaking faucets, sinks, water heaters, or any other kind of tap. This water, like its name suggests, is clean and free of microorganisms that would otherwise lead to infections or illness in other people.

However, just because the water itself isn’t contaminated doesn’t mean that the water won’t have impacts on your health. If you don’t get the water cleaned up properly, you could be left with residual moisture leading to mold and mildew and eventual allergies or illnesses.

Dirty Water Damage

The next level of water damage is referred to as dirty water damage. Most dirty water contamination occurs through leaks in a sump pump or toilet, which means this water contains amounts of microorganisms that make this water more dangerous than clean water damage.

If you notice this kind of water damage in your home, it’s best if you call a water damage professional to handle the cleanup process. Water damage experts have the appropriate gear like boots, gloves, and facemasks to make sure that the mess is cleaned safely. Additionally, simply removing the water isn’t enough in these situations. Everything that was impacted must be cleaned and disinfected as well to prevent the start or spread of bacteria and infections.

Black Water Damage

This is the most dangerous kind of water damage that you could experience. Black Water Damage is water that is so contaminated that it could cause severe illness or death to humans and animals. This could be caused by a severe leak of your septic system or toilet, contaminated stormwater, or ground flooding.

No matter what the water damage is caused by or how wide it has spread, you will always be better off letting professionals handle the mess. At W.B. Arthur, we’ve dealt with everything from leaky faucets to hurricane cleanups so we will know how to handle all of the problems and obstacles that are common with water damage. Call us today or visit our website for more information!

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