Storm Preparation: Hail and Wind Edition

By W.B. Arthur

Hail storms are exceedingly dangerous; not only for you and your family but also for your home. In order for your home to successfully provide shelter from hail and wind storms, it needs to be properly maintained. As hail and wind storms can strike at any moment, preparing your home for a storm cannot be done in a mere day or two. Habitual maintenance is key to storm preparedness and will prove worth it if you ever encounter a storm. And, in Austin, Texas, it’s likely you will.

How to Prepare Your Home for a Hail Storm

  1. Inspect and Maintain Your Roof

Hail and wind storms can cause detrimental damage to your property. Your roof is your first line of defense during a storm; and, if it fails, your home is subject to leaks and structural harm from water damage. To avoid potential deterioration of your home, regularly check your roof for missing shingles and broken roofing tiles. Practice preventative maintenance. If you find any lifting or broken roof shingles, make sure to get those replaced before a minor roofing repair becomes a complete roofing replacement.

If you find missing or broken roofing tiles, or if your home has been affected by flooding, contact a professional water damage restoration company. You will need to repair your roof and reduce the amount of water pooling in your home as quickly as possible to lower risks of mold growth and structural damage.

  1. Trim Your Trees

Strong wind and hail can cause branches to break and fall. If trees breach the property line of your home and fall during a storm, your home will undergo extensive damage. Falling branches can break through your home, jeopardizing you and your family’s safety. Not to mention, you will probably have considerable water damage as a result. Small shrubbery can also pose a potential threat to your home, as windy storms may cause these plants to hit and break windows in your home.

To avoid harm from trees and plants during a storm, make sure to trim both regularly. Landscaping should be a part of your routine, as it can make a significant difference between safety and danger during a storm.

  1. Clean Your Gutters and Drainpipes

If your drainpipes and gutters are not spick and span, water is not able to flow freely through either pathway. The purpose of both structures is to move water away from your home. When a storm hits, excess water pools on your roof and around your home. This water must have an unobstructed pathway to properly drain away from your home. Standing water can cause severe structural damage to your home as a result of a dirty drainpipe or gutter. Keep your gutters clean to avoid foundational flooding.

  1. Bring Your Outdoor Furniture, Inside

If you have small furniture, decorative landscaping, garden statues, or toys in your yard, these items must be brought inside during hail and wind storms. Believe it or not, wind can lift your outdoor furnishings and toys causing extreme risk to you and your home. Damage is likely to occur if airborne items hit your home.

Call W.B. Arthur, at (512) 710-0559, for all of your pre-storm and post-storm needs. Your storm safety is a priority.

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