How Heat Affects Your Flooring

By W.B. Arthur
Damanged Floor

As our nights continue to drop in temperature, here in Texas, we will all be cranking our heaters to combat the chill. Solving one issue can sometimes create another, and this is one of those cases. When your home experiences a drastic shift in temperature, between daytime and nightfall, your flooring can be negatively affected.

From hardwood to laminate, from carpeting to tile, there are a couple of complications that may surface from using your home heating system.


Although hardwood flooring is made from “dead” trees, it is very much alive. This means it reacts to climate just as we do. When it is dry out, our skin dries out, and when it is humid, our skin maintains moisture and we are dewier—your wood flooring reacts the exact same way.

Regardless of the type of wood, a shift in your indoor temperature and humidity will alter the condition of your hardwood flooring. Here in Texas, we have pretty high levels of humidity. And, your flooring likes that! However, when you crank your heating system, you are sucking moisture out of the air, as manufactured heat always carries less moisture than the air outside.

When humidity shifts, your floor will change as well. When the humidity is exceedingly high, your hardwood will expand. When humidity drops drastically, your hardwood will shrink. This can cause extreme warping and buckling. You will need to restore your hardwood if this occurs. It’s best to maintain an even temperature and steady humidity level—between 60 degrees and 78 degrees Fahrenheit to protect your flooring.

Why is My Wood Floor Hot?

Have you noticed a hot spot in a certain area of your hardwood flooring? Brace yourself, because you won’t like the answer: you might have a slab leak.

If your home is constructed on a concrete slab, your water lines are embedded under the cement, and if a part of the line gets damaged, you’ll have to contend with a hidden leak in an area where it’s not immediately accessible. The only thing to do is to call a leak detection company to precisely locate the leak, break through the concrete to access the area of damage, and repair the broken section of piping.

Slab leaks have the potential to cause serious water damage the longer they go unchecked, including damage to your structure, foundation damage, and mold growth. After your slab leak has been repaired, it’s a good idea to have a professional restoration company perform structural drying and mold remediation, if necessary, to ensure that all ancillary problems caused by the leak have been satisfactorily resolved.


Just as hardwood floors expand and contract from a fluctuation in heat and humidity, so does laminate. Laminate is also porous, expanding when the climate is warmer and contracting when the temperature is cooler. This can cause your laminate to lift or bubble.


When your heater is working overtime, an immense amount of pressure is put on your air filters. If your filters are not regularly changed, dust, dander, bacteria, and mold can build up within your system. These particles are then distributed into your home, settling into your carpeting. Even if you change your air filters, once contaminants are in your home, they remain in your home.

With professional carpet and rug cleaning, you will be able to rid your home of these compromising particles. Although there are numerous store-bought cleaners, these products are often filled with chemicals that either further contaminate your space or damage your carpeting. Restore your home’s health with W.B. Arthur carpet cleaning.

We offer a wide range of carpet and rug cleaning services, including:

  • Steam cleaning
  • Dry carpet cleaning
  • Shampooing
  • Vacuum washing
  • Carpet deodorization


Along with your carpeting, grout, the cement-like substance that lies between each tile, also grabs onto airborne particles released into your indoor air when your heating system runs. This shifts the color of your white grout, disturbing your aesthetics. With extreme experience restoring tile and grout in kitchens and bathrooms, W.B Arthur can perform your tile and grout cleaning without harming your space.

When you use conventional cleaning products, you can actually strip the sealant off of your tile. This counteracts your cleaning goal, as the sealant is supposed to protect against stains. From discoloration to mold and bacteria, W.B. Arthur will restore your home back to the picture-perfect, clean space you and your family deserve.

Our skilled cleaning technicians can repair any type of grout and tile, including:

  • Interior and exterior tile
  • Bathroom tile
  • Kitchen tile
  • Shower tile
  • Tile walls
  • Countertops

For floor cleaning and restoration in the Austin area, call W.B. Arthur at (512) 710-0559

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