What Is Lurking In Your Carpet?

By W.B. Arthur
WB Arthur

If your carpet is ready for Halloween year-round, it’s time for carpet restoration and care. Creepy, crawly, dingy, dark—all of these adjectives are great to describe a haunted house, or the set of a scary movie, not your residential or commercial carpeting. If you can describe your carpet with any of the words listed above, you may have some of these items lurking in your carpeting:

Dirt & Grime

Dirt, dust, and grime can have a prolific presence in your home or office. Think about the sole of your shoe. It covers a lot of ground; and, as a result, it carries an immense amount of dirt, dust, and grime. When you tread into carpeting, all of that muck gets rubbed into the carpet below, causing stains and a dirty environment. Your health can become compromised, as respiratory issues can emerge from a lack of cleanliness.

Additionally, when your air is compromised, so is your carpeting. If you have not changed your air filters in the last 90 days, you may have poor indoor air quality. This naturally occurs, as dust, pollen, and sometimes mold, builds up within your HVAC system, distributing it throughout your home or business. These airborne particles then settle into your carpeting.

Mold & Mildew

Carpets are the ideal place for mold and mildew to foster and grow, especially in humid environments. Mold needs three things to grow—moisture, oxygen, and food (dust). If you have any wet, or water-damaged carpet, any carpet in your basement, or any unusual carpet staining or odors, contact W.B. Arthur today. You may have mold.


We all cannot be trusted when it comes to eating cookies and crackers. From late-night snacks by the television to parties with appetizers—crumbs happen. Even if you can’t see any food particles, or you have vacuumed twice over, crumbs settle deep into carpeting and can attract pests. If you have older carpeting or shag carpeting, this issue becomes exponentially worse. When food is left for long periods of time, odors and mold growth can also occur. It is best to schedule regular professional carpet cleanings to keep your carpet free from contaminants.


Wherever you, your family, and your pets go, so does your carpet. Tracking bacteria into your home is unavoidable. Even if you take your shoes off at the front door, airborne contaminants will still settle on your clothes and fall into your carpeting. Professional steam cleaning is the best way to rid your home of toxins, as it will remove about 97% of dirt and bacteria.


From dust mites to fleas, your carpeting looks like a welcoming home to insects. If you have a shag rug, more pests can go unnoticed, as they lurk in between all of the carpet fibers. Vacuum washing your carpet will remove these insects. Our services ensure that we always leave a home cleaner than how we found it.

For all of your carpet cleaning needs contact W.B. Arthur, at (512) 710-0559. One of our 5-star rated carpet cleaners will restore your carpet!

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